Friday Book Delights

I had fun today collecting this gorgeous stash of reserved books from the library. I adore Edinburgh’s library system – you can get virtually anything you want either in hard copy or as an e-book. Ordering online, renewing, checking one’s account etc is so very easy. And of course, you can grab tons of marvellous reading for free!

There is one aspect of this process which I particularly like. I usually reserve books which catch my eye when reading other people’s blogs, social media etc. Given that it can sometimes take a while for the reservations to be available for collection, my mind has usually moved on from that initial spark of interest. So when I go to pick up the books, I can hardly remember why I chose them. Knowing that I had seven books to collect today, I thought that maybe, once I saw them and could skim the first page or so, I would not want to borrow them all. But no! Each and everyone seems to be a treasure and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

You might notice that there are two books in the pile by Susan Fletcher. She is currently one of my absolute favourites authors. I wrote about her book Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew last year. In that post, I mentioned buying a second book of hers, The Silver Dark Sea, which in the end has taken me over a year to finish. This is partly because I always have so many books on the go. But the main reason is that Fletcher has the most beautiful and engaging style of writing – so much so that it is impossible to whizz through her work. Her novels are ones to be savoured, word by word. The Silver Dark Sea is set on an imaginary Scottish island. Following on from our recent holiday on the Western Isles, I could relate very particularly to the sense of the island being one of the main characters.

Sometimes, reading a second book by an author can result in disappointment, but not so in this case. I thoroughly enjoyed The Silver Dark Sea and am very much looking forward to Eve Green and Corrag. I’ll be saving until last her book called Oystercatchers. Given that these are my favourites birds, and knowing how much I like her writing, it can’t be anything other than a winner.

Autumn, with its darker evenings and cosy interiors is the perfect time for snuggling up with a book. We’ve got a fairly quiet weekend coming up, so I’ll be curled up with my delicious reading pile – oh, and all the other reading I have currently got on the go, lol. I hope you have a great weekend too, whether it involves reading or not! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Friday Book Delights

  1. That looks a real mix of books, Liz – if you aren’t in the mood for one, you will be for another! And a book called Oystercatchers – how have I missed that??? Can’t wait for your review! But please include trigger warnings of anything unpleasant happening to the darling birds : ( I read The Flight From The Enchanter when I was about 13 and loved it, it set me reading everything else I could find by Iris Murdoch. It would be fascinating to reread it now, after all this time. Have a wonderful weekend exploring the seven whole worlds that await you.

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  2. Our library service isn’t good at all and I can never find anything I want to read there. It isn’t their fault; they have no money and are struggling to survive. Most of the books are ones that have been ordered by members of the public who can’t/won’t buy their own copy and these books are usually of little interest to anyone else!
    I read so many Iris Murdochs when I was in my twenties but I don’t believe I’ve read any since! I remember her books being full of extraordinary characters and the food….! She describes meals so well I can almost taste them!
    I studied ‘The Heart of the Matter’ at college – what a book!

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  3. Dear Liz, What a wonderful weekend awaits you with this selection. Our libraries are so good at embracing change and technology. Love ’em. Perhaps their great service and great thinking emanates from their book loving environment! 😉

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  4. What an enticing pile of delights you have there, Liz! And you’ve reminded me of Susan Fletcher – I’m sure I have her on a list somewhere. I must bump her up the queue! Happy reading!

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    1. I very much hope you enjoy SF as much as I have. And, by the way, A Moveable Feast is still pending, thanks to your recent recommendation – looking forward to that one! 🙂

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    1. Just walking through the doors of the library puts a zing in my step – that wonderful book-smell, the towering shelves, the smile of welcome from the librarian – fabulous! 🙂

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  5. I love reserving books, too! It’s not only a guilt-free way of getting hold of books, but if we don’t use library services they will be cut and reduced even more. Librarians will be out of a job! I’ve already noticed self-serve checking out machines popping up, so they need out support. Reserving half the stock of the country really is an altruistic act 😉

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