“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.”*

I have been writing in my latest posts about our recent trip to Paris and our immersion in sumptuous and gorgeous art. I have one more arty offering for you. Brace yourselves…!

It was our good fortune to be in Paris at the same time as the various exhibitions featured in my previous posts. And our luck continued – at the Museé des Arts Decoratifs, we were able to see their current tribute to the ‘Couturier of Dreams’, Christian Dior.

Oh my word, what an amazing exhibition this was. Room after room of the most gorgeous dresses and accessories, all meticulously colour-coded and immaculately presented:

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Some fun pieces…:





Some beautiful period pieces – just look at all that gorgeous embroidery (click images for a closer look):






And as if all of that were not enough, the final room looked like this:



The ceiling was packed full of paper flowers and foliage, all beautifully lit….


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


…and showcasing perfectly Dior’s range of ‘garden couture’:


What an incredible way to finish off this most memorable of trips. 🙂


* Title quote by Christian Dior

25 thoughts on ““Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.”*

    1. It was truly heavenly. And thank you so much for that reference to paper art – who would have thought after my little series earlier in the year that I would be able to add this to it! 🙂

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  1. What lucky people you are, to have hit so many incredible exhibits! This one is absolutely stunning! I have to admit, I’m a fool for decorative arts (and crafts) so this is a museum I wouldn’t want to miss. Did you send hours and hours here??

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    1. Thanks Kerry, and sorry to burden you with yet another ‘must visit’ place lol! It was hard to tear ourselves away and yes, there are many other rooms with their standing collection containing oodles of gorgeousness – not visited this time round, but we have done so in the past and I know we will return. 🙂


  2. Lovely, lovely… how we adored dressing up then, especially in our evening dresses which were a must… and long white gloves of course, and then the dancing.. sad to say the partners were never as glamorous as the dresses … gorgeous and nostalgic post Liz…

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    1. It must have been a wonderful time. I have mixed feelings about society’s more relaxed approach with clothes these days. It can be very convenient and comfortable. But there is something glorious about dressing up in one’s finest for a special occasion. I remember going to the ballet at the Royal Opera House on New Year’s Eve – my husband went in black tie; I had on an evening gown. How surprised we were to see other people in jeans! It was still a lovely event though 🙂


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