Gorgeous Glass

A couple of weeks ago I attended a glass workshop. This was last year’s birthday present from my Mum and Sister – isn’t it nice when birthdays last a long time! I have always wanted to have a go at working with glass, so this gift was just perfect.

The workshop was run by the highly talentedΒ Elin Isaksson and was entitled ‘solid and hollow’, where you create a paperweight and a glass bauble.

Elin’s studio is just outside Stirling, in a gorgeous rural setting:


Once inside the workshop it was fascinating to see all the equipment and examples of Elin’s own work.


And then we got down to business. Here are a few action shots of me making my paperweight…


As you can see, Elin was close on hand to prevent any mishaps. She had a wonderful approach, balancing care and supervision with sufficient stepping back to make you feel you were properly involved.

Obviously I had to leave at the end of the session without my glass items, which were safely cooling. I was on tenterhooks to know how the pieces had come out – what would they be like?

Well, today I found out when they arrived in the post – so exciting!!

Here are the two pieces. I adore them both:


The bauble was particularly difficult to photograph and you can’t truly see all the patterns and colours, but hopefully this gives a good enough idea of its depth of colour. It will look fabulous on our Christmas tree:


The paperweight on the other hand is marvellously photogenic:


It was a brilliant present, so thanks again to Mum and Sis. Thanks also to Elin for a very memorable experience. If you are ever likely to be near Stirling, I highly recommend booking one of her sessions. πŸ™‚




42 thoughts on “Gorgeous Glass

  1. Really beautiful. First efforts at anything aren’t usually usable, eatable or wearable, but these are immediately lovely and unique. well done.

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  2. This is the greatest birthday gift because it made such memories! Plus you have your pretty, one-of-a-kind glass balls to enjoy. DO you think you’ll ever do more with this art form? I’d like to see you blowing glass . . . πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks Kerry. The bauble is blown but unfortunately I did not get any pics. I may well have another go some time, but unfortunately it is not the kind of craft one can easily set up in the back room!! As you say, it is lovely to have my two mementos – they are here with me as I type. The paperweight is already bringing much needed joy and colour to a pile of receipts I need to process! πŸ™‚


  3. Oh wow, they are really lovely! I have the thing for glass, I used to have shoe boxes full of beach glass as a child, and now have quite a few coloured glass things about the house. I am really tempted to save up and have a go!

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    1. Thanks Lucy! I would definitely encourage you to have a go sometime – it was really enjoyable. Like you, I love everything about glass. It is such a pleasure to sit and look at my pieces, even if it seems improbable that I made them! πŸ™‚

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  4. I love the setting, the whole experience and the final products do you justice. I love this, such a fun thing to do with physical memories that are always there to remind you (and show off to others). Love this post.

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