100 days of creativity: some initial reflections

Nearly a month ago, I wrote about my intention to pursue a creativity project, specifically publishing digital art sketches for 100 consecutive days. I am now a quarter of the way through, so it seemed timely to record some reflections about how things are going.

Before I started this project, I was not 100% sure whether I would actually be able to do it. Would I really have the discipline and the ability to produce some kind of art every single day? It turns out to be much easier than I expected. It helps that I am really enjoying myself. And the commitment to publish my pieces provides a certain push to make sure I do so. Would I have been able to produce something every day without that public accountability? I’m not sure.  But I definitely think it is a useful form of motivation, and perhaps something to reflect on with other habits I would like to cultivate (I’m looking at you, piano…)!

It is certainly the case that publishing one’s work allows for the building of a thick skin. Not that I have had any bad reactions or anything – quite the reverse, many people have been very kind and complementary about the images, which has been really lovely. It’s just that honouring the terms of the project means there is not usually time to waft around wondering if a piece is entirely finished. In other words, good enough is good enough. This feels extremely healthy and avoids endless introspection about whether a creation can be allowed to see the light of day. “Publish and be damned”, as they say – and very liberating it is too.

I also very much like the feeling of pushing through barriers to produce something which even vaguely resembles the idea in one’s head. My ‘Bicycles’ image to mark the start of this year’s Tour de France is an example of this – I wanted to produce an image which showed cyclists sort of emerging from the French Tricolour. I was not exactly sure how to achieve this, but I worked away at the overall notion and eventually found a solution, which was hugely pleasing. I think this might be one of my favourite images so far:



Some of my blogging friends who do not follow Instagram very kindly asked me to post some of my images.  I am pleased to have been able to come up with a wide variety of styles and subjects. Here is a gallery of ‘edited highlights’!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Overall, this is such an enjoyable project to have undertaken. It really feels like I might finally be on my way to fulfilling my life-long ambition of honing a daily sketching habit. Hooray! 🙂

21 thoughts on “100 days of creativity: some initial reflections

  1. Pushing yourself through the good enough fears is such an accomplishment on its own. Congrats to you and all the best for the rest of the project ☺

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  2. I love all the different styles that you use, it is impressive to see such a wide ranging collection. More, more I say! The Tour de France art is really striking, get that sent off next year and see if they want to use it!

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  3. It’s really fun to see the range of work you’re doing–so much variety and lovely, too! I can see some of it is digital and I think I see a zentangle in there but are some pieces watercolor?

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    1. Thanks Kerry! All the pieces have been done digitally – even the ones which look like watercolour. It’s amazing all the different effects you can achieve – and it all adds to the variety and fun! 🙂

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  4. I’m so glad you’ve let us see some of your gorgeous pieces, Liz. And I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the project. I can see that a very significant element is the time constraint – a piece has to be ‘good enough’. I could apply that to blogging: I might get more posted if I didn’t endlessly tweak ….


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  5. A wonderful reflection of how you have integrated creativity within you daily life. This is not an easy task. Most people think of creativity being sparked by a “peak” or “ah ha” moment. I rather think it is determining to put our minds to the task at hand and allowing our thoughts to be flexible. Thank you for sharing this journey. It has influenced my thoughts on how to bring out my creative spirit.

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  6. The gallery is fabulous. I’ve noticed some artworks by you as I scroll through FB posts but missed the initial message about the project. It’s very impressive, especially in the diversity of your imagination, and excellent that you have actually found it easy to keep the commitment! What tools are you using? Maybe at the end or some time you could post links to the apps/ websites? I wouldn’t even know where to start looking!

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    1. Thanks Liz – and good suggestion re the tools. I am expecting to write another post at around the 60 day mark, so will include this info then.:)


  7. Wow this is amazing, glad I could see it here as I also don’t have an Instagram. Art is relaxing jet brings out yourself and gives inspiration and uses your inspiration. A super project! Glad you love it and enjoy it! Afterwards you can put all in a book. – My 100 days of inspirational art’ 🙂

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