Four Things I’ve Learned From Being A Maker

When I read Anne’s post, I wanted to share it here because she has captured perfectly how I feel about making things. Most particularly, I am grateful to her for the reminder that small acts of creation can make a big difference in all kinds of ways. 🙂

Anna Elliott Designs

Four Things I have learned

This week, in schools across England, the same scene will have been repeated. All the paperwork and equipment that has been so vital for so much of the year will suddenly be competing for space in bins and skips as everyone clears out and strips down, ready for the new school year. The school where I’ve been working this year was no exception, and during the clearing out of one cupboard, two boxes full of Sylko sewing threads were unearthed, in all their jewel-bright coloured glory. Luckily, my reputation as one of those types that make stuff is such that someone saw fit to save them from the skip and pass them on to me.

Obviously I was delighted with the unexpected windfall, but it also made me sad all over again that handcraft often has little or no place in most mainstream primary schools in England anymore. I don’t…

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4 thoughts on “Four Things I’ve Learned From Being A Maker

  1. A wonderfully joyful post. Thank you for the introduction to an amazing blogger. May we all embrace the idea of being a maker. Our world is in desperate need of this commitment and passion. Hugs coming your way.

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