100 Days of Creativity: it’s a wrap!

On 13 June 2018, I embarked somewhat rashly, or so it seemed at the time, on an art project that would last 100 consecutive days. I committed myself to producing and publishing a piece of digital art each day.

Writing about it at that time, I wondered whether I would be able to complete the project. I spoke rather modestly about creating ‘doodles’.  But overall, I was hoping that it would work, because I had long wished to create a daily art habit.

Well, I did it folks! On 20 September, I published for the 100th day in a row, producing a total of 107 images (on some days, I built up a head of steam and published more than one picture).


Fireworks marking the 100th day of my project


It has been an amazing journey. I learned so much about creating images, making improved use of my digital art tools, and perhaps most importantly, my own style as an artist.

I’ll be reflecting further on what the project has taught me in future posts. But for now, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me all through this project. Whether you have joined me via instagram, facebook or this blog, it has meant the world to me to have all the likes and comments. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my art with everyone, and having such warm and positive feedback to spur me on each day.



So what’s next? First, I have arranged for all the images created for the project to be publicly available. I hope people will enjoy using the artwork for cards, wallpaper, blog posts or any other personal endeavour. You can read more about this, and find links to my new Flickr account here. Feel free to have a browse through the pictures – do you have any favourites? I’d love to know.

And for the future, I will continue to create images for free personal use. I will probably give myself a few days off, but watch this space for possible sightings of some spooky Halloween images! 🎃


19 thoughts on “100 Days of Creativity: it’s a wrap!

  1. This is amazing Liz!! I’m very pleased for you as you follow an artist’s path. So glad that I have been able to take along. I am now following your on Flickr. Thank you for inspiring me to pursue a creative journey.

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  2. Good for you! To set such a daunting goal and keep your promise to yourself is a victory in itself, and you learned so much along the way. My favorites are the landscapes. I continue to love the Meadow, as well as Sunset Sky and Across to the Isles.

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  3. You really did it, and all so different, I can imagine that it was fun and you learnt a lot! You have many talents! I do love the nature/ flowery pictures, however the abstract/ patterns ones have also their appeal!

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  4. Congratulations, that is a byzantine effort of creativity. There’s some striking work here and I love that you have really varied your styles. It’s an impressive collection, I love Autumn Dusk, and Midnight Seed Pod.

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