The ‘world’s library’: my first experience of BookCrossing

“Instead of letting books grow mouldy behind an iron grating…it is better to let them wear out by being read.” ~ Jules Verne

Like many bibliophiles, I love chatting with others about books as much as doing the actual reading. And I was absolutely delighted to discover recently a whole new branch of bookish exchanges – the concept of BookCrossing.

I spotted this tweet and could not resist replying to say ‘yes please’!

Having been away with work for a few days, imagine my delight on returning today – not only was it great to be back home, but I also had a parcel waiting for me.

The lovely Tim had sent me this amazing box of goodies. I have not read any of these books so I can’t wait to dip in. And how amazing also to receive some tea, notecards and bookmarks. It’s the most wonderful surprise!


As I understand it, my first task is to update the book crossing website to show that these books are now in my possession. I can then get stuck in with some reading. And then I can release them on to their next lucky recipient, whoever that may be.

I just love the shared but random ethos behind this ‘world library’ system.  Thank you Tim for introducing me to the book crossing family! 🙂


“A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition. Like money, books must be kept in constant circulation… A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.”
Henry Miller, The Books in My Life

30 thoughts on “The ‘world’s library’: my first experience of BookCrossing

  1. I joined bookcrossing in 2005, and have met so many lovely people because of it. I am not as active as I once was, though I go to our local meet up most months, and haven’t missed a UK convention since 2005. I’ve been known to pop along to the Loughborough meet up with friends now and then too. Bookcrossing people are lovely, as you can see from your parcel. Enjoy your books and getting to know bookcrossing.

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    1. I love the sound of the UK convention – what fun! It’s a great initiative and I am looking forward to being a part of it. 🙂


  2. Liz – you continue to astound me on your ability to find the best ways to connect and build a virtual community. This is a great idea. I especially liked the tea that came with the package. Could you write more about this initiative in future posts. Would love to learn more about it.

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  3. What a great idea! I’ve just signed up, and have sent you a friend request. The tricky bit is going to be finding books I would love others to have the joy of reading, but am prepared to let go! What will your first release be? I’m thinking of doing a random one first off, on a bench in a park or the countryside one sunny day…..

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    1. Thanks Liz! I can’t see how to accept your friend request and I think in searching I might have sent you a request back lol. I’m not sure which will be my first release – I’m going to buy some bookcrossing release supplies and start trying to choose in the meantime. As you say, I fear that passing books on will be harder than it looks. But all in a good cause…. 🙂


  4. That sounds a great idea. I would like to have a little bookshelf outside near my house, where people can take any they like and put any in they like. There is one , near the train station, I have used before.

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  5. Just to update you that I’m just setting up my first release! A friend is going to the Scilly Isles in June. I’m sending her my copy of The Adventures of a Scilly Sergeant, with a request she reads it before she goes, so she can abandon it on a cliff top footpath or garden bench for who knows who to find….. of course the chances are it will moulder in a Tresco BnB for years, but perhaps it might take wing ………

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