The Persephone Readathon #3 – woo hoo!

Starting today, Jessie over at Dwell in Possibility is hosting a Persephone Readathon. This gives me the perfect excuse to show off share a picture of my first Persephone acquisitions. I have read library copies of books from this publisher in the past and could not resist starting my own collection (more scope for meeting the one-in-one-out challenge set for me by my friend LizW!).

I recently had a very short visit to London, where I was able to squeeze in a trip to the Persephone shop. It was my intention mainly to look at and soak up all the gorgeousness of so many Persephones in one place, allowing myself the slight possibility of buying one title as a souvenir. But who was I kidding?!

I could have come home with armfuls of titles, but limited myself to these three. I chose Mariana because it is partially set in West London where I spent some time on my visit, so that counted as my souvenir. High Wages was an easy choice because I adore Dorothy Whipple’s writing and have not yet read this one. And I have read lots of good things about The Fortnight in September. I recently finished and very much enjoyed R C Sherriff’s The Hopkins Manuscript so am keen to read more.

I won’t get through all three books in a week of course, not least because I want to savour the writing and not push on with them just for the sake of completion. I also want to try and read the chosen ‘readalong’ book, Virginia Woolf’s Flush, which I have as an e-book.

Meanwhile, there is also plenty of other non-Persephone reading to be done, not least this intriguing-sounding volume which I will be discussing at a book group on Tuesday. Happily it is only 190 pages long.


So that’s my reading plans sorted for a wee while – delicious! 😀📚💕


29 thoughts on “The Persephone Readathon #3 – woo hoo!

  1. Lovely! I really enjoyed Mariana and I’ve also heard good things about the Sherriff, which I’d really like to read. I’ve not read the Whipple but I really enjoyed the other Persephone by her, Someone at a Distance. Happy reading Liz!

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    1. Oh I loved Someone at a Distance too. I’m not sure if there are any other titles of hers yet to be published but I really hope so!


  2. I’ve been able to abandon my one in, one out policy for a while due to the arrival of my new bookcase. How long it will take to fill that is, of course, another matter. Enjoy your new books.

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  3. Delicious indeed! I’m delighted that you’re joining the Persephone week too, Liz 🙂 I was thinking I would just read Flush, but I can see me veering off piste immediately from my 20 books of summer list. I have The Fortnight in September here. It’s tempting… I’ll be very keen to hear what you think of it if you choose that for Jessie’s Readathon 🙂

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  4. How lovely! Dorothy Whipple is great, isn’t she? I’ve just been reading another of her novels for Jessie’s Persephone event. Hopefully High Wages will turn out to be just as good.

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  5. “my intention mainly to look at and soak up all the gorgeousness of so many Persephones in one place….” Oh Liz – you are very brave to open yourself to such temptation. I held my breath wondering whether you would succumb to the inevitable.

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  6. I don’t think you could have chosen any better for your first Persephone acquisitions, Liz! I LOVED Mariana and have heard only wonderful things about The Fortnight in September and High Wages (I have my eye on both for my next Persephone purchase). I’m thrilled—if slightly jealous—that you had the opportunity to visit the shop and get a lovely tote. Hope you enjoy whichever one(s) you decide to pick up during the readathon!

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  7. Sounds great, I just came back from Germany and read Another DDM book, ‘my cousin Rachel’…..I really enjoyed the book. I just love reading and wished I had more time. Travelling is a great time to read, on the train, on the plane….

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    1. I’ve heard great things about that book – will definitely be getting round to it some time. And yes, travel is perfect for reading, although not all reading – I would not like to try concentrating on War and Peace for example while on the train lol!

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