My 2019 Festival Diary Vol 2

Following Vol 1 of this year’s festival diary, I can hardly believe that all the fun and frolics are so quickly over for another year. A few days on from the final day last Monday, life is returning to ‘normal’ (if there ever is such a thing!).  So as the sun sets on the summer, it’s nice to reflect back on some mid-end August highlights.

We had mixed weather this year – sometimes ridiculously hot; sometimes torrential rain. But overall it was extremely pleasant to be in and around the city….

…even at nighttime:


I know that some people hate the idea of festival crowds.  I do too, really. But even though Edinburgh has a huge influx of visitors over the summer….


….it is always possible to find some pockets of quiet and calm.  I took this next shot while waiting for a talk at the Book Festival.  The dappled light and lack of people created the perfect moment.


And one advantage of being around more people than usual is increased people-watching opportunities. I could not resist taking this photo of a lady behind whom I was standing in a queue – what magnificent fabric!


We saw a great mixture of shows and events. One of my favourites was this play, written by British comedian Marcus Brigstocke, in which the nature of alcoholism was explored. It represents one of my favourite aspects of the festival – the opportunity to spend an hour watching a high quality, powerful drama, often with a very small cast.  Marvellous and memorable.


Lastly, we were delighted when one of our favourite Edinburgh cafés reopened, following many months of refurbishment.  The Scottish Café & Restaurant at the Scottish National Gallery has had a complete makeover and it was great to be able to return for a lovely brunch.

So that’s it for another year – only another 358 sleeps until it all gets going again! 🙂

23 thoughts on “My 2019 Festival Diary Vol 2

    1. It was really good, thank you. Quite a small audience, but that made it easier to have a good conversation about the different things we can all do to ‘age joyfully’. So important to keep sharing and communicating – more soon on all of this! 🙂

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  1. I’m so glad you had all this fun! It’s nice to hear that there are pockets of quiet, if one goes looking, and I do agree about people-watching as a terrific way to pass the time. I’d’ve taken a photo of that fabric, too. Now, rest up for next year!

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  2. I really love the fabric too, but I am particularly glad you had such an enjoyable time with all the different cultural events. It was only just all starting when I visited but I could get a feel for the atmosphere. x

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  3. I felt like I was there with you. Actually, I rediscovered the photos of our jazz night during the Fringe Festival. Edinburgh does festivals well. There is a lot of activity, but there are also places to go for respite.

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  4. How lovely to be able to have all that on your doorstep! I hate crowds so am pleased to know that there are places to go where there is a little peace. Beautiful photos, especially that gorgeous sunset!

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  5. What a time of contrasts: heat and rain, crowds and quiet. But always with that buzz of a city. I find myself almost envious, though I’m not sure how long my stamina would last in a city environment 🙂

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    1. I find the stamina thing a real challenge when we visit new cities. It helps massively to be festival-going in our home. We are lucky to have it all on the doorstep.

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