Adventures In Making: starting, finishing and starting again….

In between all my festival-going over the summer, I had a very productive time on the making front.  Having finished my gradient shawl, I started work on a birthday present blanket for my niece, Lucy.  I had this lovely lot of yarn in my stash and felt sure I could turn it in to something special.


I decided to pick a simple pattern which would showcase the yarn nicely, and went for the Neat Ripple blanket by Attic24.  This is an excellent pattern, with very clear instructions.  The worst part is starting off. I hate crochet projects which begin with a foundation chain row – such a pain and so fiddly…

But one row soon became two…

…and then I was off!


My track record of finishing hand-made projects in time for someone’s birthday is rather poor. But bucking the trend this year, I managed to get Lucy’s blanket finished in time for meeting up with her and the rest of the family before her birthday.  This was significantly helped by having a nice lot of crochet time in front of the TV watching Le Tour de France, one of my favourite sporting events of the year.


Voilà the end result on our bed before being wrapped up.  I really enjoyed this project and was pleased with the result.


So what would be next? Having worked with one Scheepjes Whirl for my Gradient Shawl, I was keen to take on a new venture with the rest of the Scheepjes yarn in my stash….


The ripple blanket was very familiar and well within my comfort zone.  So I thought that using up this yarn would be the perfect opportunity to learn something new.  How did it go? Tune in to my next post to find out….  🙂


20 thoughts on “Adventures In Making: starting, finishing and starting again….

  1. Wow that looks lovely! Great colours. I am better knitting while watching TV, I can’t crochet while watching somehow even though I can crochet well. Need to practice I guess 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It’s a great pattern which keeps things straight for you really. I suppose consistent tension helps too, plus pulling it all together with a border. 😀🧶

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  2. That’s a perfect project for working in front of TV–and it must’ve been so much fun to work on–those colors!! I love how you end this post with a cliffhanger . . .

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