Further Thoughts on “Happiness Revealed”: a sense of wonder and some reading inspiration for Non-Fiction November

I recently posted a moving video which celebrates nature, beauty and gratitude.  I’m pleased that many readers said how much they enjoyed it.  In particular, my dear friend Mandy shared that:

“My lovely friend Bethan Christopher asked me what my recipe for life is. I decided this quote from Rachel Carson was apt. Bethan then illustrated it for me. The quote is “…drink in the beauty and wonder at the meaning of what you see.” ― Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder. I love that your post and my quote both mention ‘sense of wonder’.

Mandy has kindly agreed that I could share this quote and Bethan’s gorgeous illustration, which matches perfectly with the message of the video.  Isn’t it wonderful that we can make these unexpected yet powerful connections across the airwaves.

It has inspired me to dig out my copy of Silent Spring for reading next month as part of the Non-Fiction November readalong hosted by abookolive.  This classic fits perfectly with one of the four themes this year – ‘True’.


Meanwhile, let me share a small ‘sense of wonder’ experience from yesterday.  I had part-finished some sewing, tidied up and left the kitchen.  Returning a few minutes later, I was stopped in my tracks by this glowing scene and just had to try to capture it.  The photo does not really do full justice to the golden-ness that shone through the window but it is a lovely reminder of that moment of awe. 🙂

25 thoughts on “Further Thoughts on “Happiness Revealed”: a sense of wonder and some reading inspiration for Non-Fiction November

  1. Such a lovely post, Liz, and the golden image is perfect. In such moments of wonder, there is nothing more important than to stop and be absorbed by the splendour. I think I will join you next month reading Silent Spring or, perhaps, one of Rachel Carson’s other books.

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    1. I’m so pleased you like the post. I can think of nothing better than to read Carson together! I have a copy of The Sea Around Us too, so may well try to read both 😀

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  2. Your photo is the perfect illustration! For whatever reasons, I associate autumn with this idea of a “sense of wonder”–I walk around, stunned by the beauty around me, every October.

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  3. That is a stunning illustration! I love it. The image you show of your glowing tree does evoke the experience to anyone who who has, like you, been stopped in their tracks at the sight of a glowing yellow tree 🙂

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  4. I think you’ve captured it perfectly. Glowing gold framed by the beautiful window. You’ve captured the ebulliant joy of golden autumn outside and the calm, cosy autumn of peaceful sewing afternoons inside. Beautiful! As is the glorious illustration at the start of this piece. We are so lucky! 🙂

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  5. Oh Liz, I love that you captured a moment in time. The miracle of photography is found in its ability to crystallize a specific view. It is the only way we have of stopping time. You reminded me of an autumn day over 30 years ago. The view was very much like yours. I did not have a camera and the idea of a cell phone was decades away. But like your photo, my memories stopped time. We must always live with a sense of wonder. A wonderful post to begin my day.

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  6. What a delicious post, the picture of your window was enough on its own. So many things to love about it, the beautiful window ( I love pictures with windows and views beyond) autumn the loveliest season, and the magnificent tree… . I once had a kitchen window which looked straight onto a full grown gingko tree, which turned a glowing gold in autumn and filled the whole room with golden light. I always hope that the neighbours in whose garden it was, were never tempted to chop it down, since it dominated their whole garden!

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    1. oh that sounds wonderful, Valerie – fingers crossed it survived! I completely agree with you that Autumn is the most gorgeous season – such a lovely riot of colour and spectacle (although I shall no doubt be saying the same thing next spring!!).


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