Crochet, community and connection – a gorgeous combination via the #RozetaCAL

One of the joys of a hobby is that, no matter what project(s) you are working on, there is always space for more. This is true of reading, as we regularly discuss across our blogs and social media platforms. It is also extremely true of knitting, crochet and no doubt other creative endeavours too.

I last wrote about my knitting and crochet exploits in this post. I’ll be posting an update on my brioche project in the coming days.  In the meantime, here is another project which I have sort of accidentally fallen into lol!

The Rozeta Crochet-Along (CAL) is a weekly crochet adventure. I have absolutely tons of other knitting and crochet projects on the go, but somehow I just could not resist tackling this one too. The pattern looked amazing when it was being previewed and I could see that I would learn and develop some new crochet techniques, so why not?

I had some suitable yarn in my stash, so off I went. Here are some progress shots from weeks one to four:

Week one – this seems like a distant memory!
Week two – the pattern is starting to emerge nicely
Week three – slippered toes included for scale!
Week four – shaping up beautifully


This is a highly enjoyable venture for all sorts of unexpected reasons.

Firstly, I have been heartened by the extensive, friendly and mega-supportive community of fellow makers taking part in this project around the world. People have been asking for help and receiving it; discussing different colour-ways and yarn options; and comparing notes on progress. All the comments I have seen have been aimed at giving praise, encouragement and confidence to those publishing the original posts. It is so gratifying to see such positivity at a time when it seems like the default position for online comments is so often one of negativity.


“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”
Brené Brown


There is also an extremely healthy approach to a lack of perfection. I have seen many makers allowing themselves to live with what seem to them to be inadequacies in their projects – of course they look absolutely fine in the photos. This has allowed me to go with the flow much more than I probably would have done otherwise. For example, in the fourth picture above, you can see the ‘brick’ pattern at the edges. The instructions are very clear about the need for the posts to lie straight across the work. Up close, there are several places where, to me, they do not seem as straight as they should be. But I decided to focus on the bigger picture and just go with it.  The photo is proof that I was right to do so!

I will also confess that there have been a few places where I ended up having to fudge the pattern slightly. But any ‘imperfections’ are lost in the overall effect. It’s great to know that I can be a bit relaxed about getting things minutely right, making the whole project must more enjoyable.

Lastly, the weekly posting of pattern excerpts is genius. It allows makers to maintain momentum and, for my part, make much more progress than I would have done if the whole thing had come out at once. There are eleven weeks in total, meaning that there is the prospect of completing a large blanket before Christmas – amazing!

So now I am off to start week five. Looking at the latest pattern, it feels as if we have just been strolling in the foothills, and things are able to get a bit more challenging. But bring it on – I’m totally hooked in to this project (excuse the pun) and am so glad I started it.  This and my various current readathons truly emphasise and celebrate the strength of our human similarities, and the value of our differences in gaining new and shared experiences. 😀

“Our ancient experience confirms at every point that everything is linked together, everything is inseparable.”
Dalai Lama XIV

By the way, it is not too late to join in with the Rozeta CAL if you fancy a go.  It is billed as suitable for anyone, whatever their crochet experience, including ‘adventurous beginners’.  In addition to the free written patterns, there are photo tutorials and detailed video tutorials which provide an excellent level of all-round support. You can find plenty of information here and of course I’ll be happy to answer any questions as best I can.

30 thoughts on “Crochet, community and connection – a gorgeous combination via the #RozetaCAL

  1. This looks so amazing, I love it. I was looking at the website and it is really lovely explained. I might have a go at it but not with a time limit. I am at the moment crocheting a skirt, that will be first to be finished. You always show us such great things and your knitting an crocheting is wonderful. I wished I had more time!

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  2. It’s very impressive! Will it end up as a round blanket? I actually feel like too many projects messes me up ad stresses me out, so I am interested that you just dive into new ones all the time.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Kerry. It will be a rectangle eventually. There will be ‘corners’ to square off the circle, then end pieces, and finally a border. Epic!! And isn’t it interesting how we are all so different in the way we like to work. I think I am becoming more inclined to press on with fewer projects as I get older, but the thrill of the new endures! 😀

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  3. This is really beautiful. I wonder if a person could use heavy yarn and create a rug…it looks like it might be big enough??? Well done.
    I just visited my yarn store yesterday and found some DELICIOUS red yarn. It isn’t variegated, yet it is shot through with hints of orange and pink. Can’t wait to start something with it 🙂

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    1. Thanks Melissa and yes, I have seen several makers use a thicker yarn and stop at the edge of the mandala for a rug. Others have made stool covers. The possibilities are endless! And I love the sound of your red yarn which I bet is absolutely scrumptious.

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      1. Mmmmm…I love it. I’m thinking vertical stripes with maybe some golden yellow woven in here and there for leaves. And now I am considering making that wonderful mandala!

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  4. What a beautiful pattern, no wonder that you were tempted to join in. Sometimes it’s good to have several projects on the go….a change is as good as a rest . The thought of having a blanket finished for Christmas is an amazing enticement! Also it’s good to realise that a few mistakes and fudges don’t take away from the overall impact of something you are making. Very tempted to join in but I already have too much on the boil. Looking forward to seeing your finished blanket.

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  5. I love the weekly updates, Liz. You remind me that every project has a beginning, but the outcomes continue to amaze and inspire. While we can estimate or envision how a journey will unfold, it is in the doing that we see the reality of our efforts. We must be involved in life, not sit on the sidelines. Your title “Leaping Life” is the best – you remind us all to leap into life, headlong into the unknown. And if you feel yourself falling, just take Joseph Campbell’s advice: “ If you are falling….dive.” Joseph Campbell Love diving with you! Hugs!!!!

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  6. This looks wonderful, Liz! I like the colours you have chosen for your blanket and I enjoyed seeing the growth of the piece over four weeks. I wish you well with the rest of the project. I would be reluctant to start something this close to Christmas knowing just how busy I get at this time of year. Then again, perhaps it’s good to have something fresh to work on and use as a relaxation break from all the usual craziness on the run up to Christmas.

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    1. There is definitely something very soothing about working on this kind of project, with a good balance between repetitive stitches and ones that need more attention. As you say, this is such a crazy time so we all need something that will support our sanity!

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  7. I have never crocheted anything that intricate but it is lovely! I have a yearning to crochet hats – a colleague on my local library committee dashes them off regularly and they make great gifts. There is a yarn store that has a class but I have not got around to it yet.

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    1. Hats make great projects – short and sweet! It’s nice to have a contrast between smaller projects and epic blankets like this one!!


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