Another Podcast Adventure

I really enjoyed my first podcast experience with Becky recently and so was delighted when she suggested that we record another episode.

In this one, we muse on what it means to be ‘excellent’.  Such fun – I hope you enjoy listening if you have a spare 15 minutes or so.  And let me also recommend the other episodes that Becky has recorded with family and friends.  They packed full of joy, humour and wisdom and are a wonderful listen.  You can find more about all the episodes on the Tea, Toast & Trivia website, and on all major podcast platforms. 🙂



14 thoughts on “Another Podcast Adventure

  1. This was a lovely listen. I do agree that we must not confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, as you suggest, is about being the best you can be at any given moment eg I am thinking of the little moment when we sit down with a cuppa, take a sip, and say, “Now that is an excellent cup of tea, if I do say so myself.” 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mandy – so glad you enjoyed it. And I love your tea example. Isn’t it amazing how ‘tea’ can be the answer to so many questions. 😀☕️💕

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  2. Liz – I love our podcasts – always full of laughter and fresh insight. Your post on progress made on a new style of knitting resonated. We live in a world that rewards “excellence” but even the most “excellent” have a lingering feeling that they could do better. Maybe it is the reason why we move beyond ourselves and do things that are extraordinary. What complicates matters is competition and our external reward systems that suggest that being # 1 is the benchmark for excellence. Who sets the benchmark? Ah, I feel another podcast conversation in the making.

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    1. Of course I don’t think I actually do sound like that, but the evidence cannot be denied. The only true perfection I can think of is in nature – like Fibonacci patterns, for example. Oh, and hot apple crumble with cold ice-cream…..

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  3. How wonderful to listen to you both. Had an excellent cup of tea while listening to your great conversation. Yes keep persevering , we can do anything. We can learn anything.

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