If I’m Sitting, I’m Knitting

I wrote in my last post about a current lack of focus for reading.  Happily, I am finding the opposite with knitting and crochet.  I can hardly tear myself away from my main projects which is a great feeling.  This weekend is diary-clear so I am hoping to make some good progress with my needles and hooks.

My brioche wrap is coming along nicely – I’ll soon be in the depths of that deep lilac and can’t wait!


And my Rozeta throw is growing apace.  I recently finished the corners….


…and so am in the final straight with the end panel:


Meanwhile, I have recently decided to learn how to knit socks.  As you can see from these projects above, I tend to work on rather epic-sized blankets and wraps at home, which are of course totally unsuitable for travel knitting.  I often find myself on trains or buses with itchy hands (not a symptom of Covid-19 as far as I know) and the perfect solution is to work on something small and easily portable.  Here is my fledgling attempt at a basic sock, with huge thanks to my lovely friend Catherine for donating such beautiful yarn.  More on this sock adventure in due course if I can make some progress! 😀🧶


Meanwhile, knitting in front of the TV inevitably influences one’s viewing experience.  I was watching the film The Aftermath last night and could not help but snap a reference image of Alexander Skarsgård playing Stephen Lubert in this magnificent cable jumper! 😂


*Featured image:  Girl Knitting, Bernardus Johannes Blommers, 1885-1886  held at the Rijksmuseum           http://hdl.handle.net/10934/RM0001.COLLECT.6081

23 thoughts on “If I’m Sitting, I’m Knitting

  1. How one busy lady can can produce so many beautifully crafted projects is beyond me. A lovely update, Liz, with a beautiful illustration at the top. Xx

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  2. Your Rozeta throw is beautiful. I can well understand how your knitting is leading you on and away from reading. It is so exciting seeing a complicated pattern like the brioche or the Rozeta throw develop and grow. Good luck with knitting the socks, they look lsumptuous already. Blankets and wraps are long term projects and it is always nice to have something small and portable on the go.

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  3. I LOVE the yarn for your socks. I am calling them dancing socks and whoever wears them will have the magical talent of hearing music from the land of dancing socks. You always always give joy to my days, Liz.

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  4. You got loads going on there! All are such beautiful projects. Yes I love knitting socks too, rather quick and easy. We used to do that in school and I had many socks since. Perfect for bedsocks too. ( I can’t sleep with cold feet.) 🙂

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  5. They are so beautiful, I was reminded of my father’s elder sister. She loved knitting, crochet, tatting ad so many other crafts.
    You may like The Friday night Knitting club by Kate Jacobs.

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  6. Your ‘Girl Knitting’ has a look of Greta Thunberg about her! It is a wonderful painting.
    No wonder you can’t read at present; your knitting and crochet projects are calling too loudly! They all look fabulous and your colour choices are so gorgeous! I have a feeling I have knitted socks in the distant past but don’t remember much about them. They probably weren’t a great success! I have knitted gloves before and it was quite good fun doing all the fingers.

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    1. You are very kind and yes, these projects are a big part of not being able to read, although not the full story. Anyway, very nice to have lovely things to work on, particularly in these increasingly troubled times. I hope you and the family are all managing to stay well and safe xxx

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      1. Thank you, Liz. All well so far as I hope you and Hub are, too! Not looking forward to the impending self-isolation (my mother and later, probably me) and other privations but we do what we have to do.

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