A Crafty Update

This morning, I felt the itch to get back to this blog after a few largely fallow months. Perhaps it was the joy of seeing some snow…..

Perhaps it is the growing sense of renewal that accompanies this time of year. But the reason doesn’t matter. It’s good to be typing this post, like reconnecting with an old friend*.

As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to summarise where I am with my knitting and crochet activity. My last post on this subject celebrated the completion of my Fruit Garden blanket, and what a lovely project that was.

Since then, I have participated in and even completed another crochet-along (CAL) project, the Scheepjes CAL 2020 d’Histoire Naturelle, designed by the brilliant Christina (A Spoonful of Yarn). I plumped for the #Conchology colour-way using Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed yarn. These were new-to-me yarns, and not my usual type of colours. So it was a real adventure of the best kind. The design was inspired by elements of Anthony Doerr’s incredible novel All The Light We Cannot See, which is partly based in the National Natural History Museum of Paris, hence all the botanical, mineral and animal motifs.

It is remarkable how easy it is to make a very large project in a relatively short space of time (about 12 weeks) when one is following along with a pattern release timetable. I really enjoyed this CAL and was delighted with the result. It has gone to a good home at my sister’s house. I am pleased to report that she loves it!


I now have four main projects on the go. First, a brioche scarf which showcases some gorgeous yarn from RipplesCrafts. The pattern is Nancy Marchant’s Willow. I wasn’t sure about it at first because the ‘bulges’ seemed a bit concerning. But I am now pretty sure they will block flat, or at least will not be so pronounced and will give added interest to the finished item.


The second project is Stephen West’s Winter Lights Shawl published this week as part of his #Hiberknitalong2020. I am already loving how this is working up. The yarn is Scheepjes Our Tribe which is beautifully soft. I have included photos of both sides for Kelly and others who are interested in these things.


Thirdly, I am making a crochet cushion cover for my lovely Mum using a Scheepjes Whirl and the centre of the Sophie’s Universe pattern. This is side one and you can see that side two will start with that gorgeous orange in the centre, morphing to the charcoal grey. Yum!


 Finally, another blanket for my sister – this time it is the Marguerite pattern using Stylecraft Special DK yarn and a colour palette to match Rachel’s living room. I think this is going to be a corker!

So plenty to keep me out of mischief haha! Knitting and crochet continue to be the two activities that I cannot do without. I am grateful to have these absorbing and stimulating hobbies in my life. 😀

*good to be back posting, yes, but I have been reminded that the new WP editor is a nightmare. Encouraging words from fellow bloggers on this point would be welcome! X

22 thoughts on “A Crafty Update

    1. Thank you so much Susan. And great news about the plug-in – very useful for when the new editor simply won’t play ball (I’m looking at you, Preview) 😩

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  1. Ha Ha! Thanks so much for including photos of both sides! These are beautiful projects, Liz. I know what you mean about the new WordPress Editor; I curse it every week. But I am still here and glad to see that you are too. Happy New Year!

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  2. I LOVED your video, Liz and have subscribed to your YouTube channel. Watching your video was like a sculpture coming alive from stone and like a paintbrush adding new paint to a canvas. As to the new wordpress editor – I would encourage you to take another look at it. I confess that I was skeptical but it really adds depth and ease to creating blog posts. There are so many options that are available in the blocks – some I have not tried yet, but I have used the tutorials and they have provided guidance on this adventure. I am NOT an early adopter, but decided to hold my breath and take a plunge into the unknown.

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    1. Thanks Becky. I should have said in the post that much credit goes to Steve for helping me with the video. And I will continue to grapple with the new editor, and try not to get too cross!!

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      1. Oh Liz, I confess that I was at the point of howling during the tutorials. I have schedule another tutorial for January. I continue to learn and howl as I go along.

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  3. Wow, some really gorgeous projects! You always do such beautiful work!
    As for the WP editor, I find that just using it helps. Trial and error. Adding and deleting. You know. Wasting time I don’t have! hahaha! Seriously, though, it does get better over time.

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  4. What an absolutely superb set of beautiful achievements, Liz. And I will be the lucky recipient of one of them! Woohoo! Clever lady – and generous too. Xx

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  5. Lovely to hear from you Liz. What amazing projects you have, all totally stunning. You are a crochet and knit artist, Liz. I am just doing some socks, and they came out too big….so start again. 🙂 Knitting and crocheting are such wonderful hobbies, and they show your creativity and skill. You are a master. The Marguerite pattern rounds could be used for under plates nicely, like plate coasters, that’ll look great too!
    On the WP update, I will be trying to learn the new editor but I stick to the classic as long as I can. It will be a new challenge for next year to learn.
    Wishing you and hubby a wonderful and specially healthy new year.

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    1. Thank you Ute for your kind and generous words. 💕 Funny you should mention the idea of table mats – I have made a couple for our table as an experiment and they worked out fine! A very happy and healthy new year to you and your family xxx

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