“It’s great to let go – I should have started sooner”. Timeless, restorative advice on how to live from Isabel Allende

Living life to the full is all down to perception. It does not matter how old we are, the spirit is always young, adaptable and capable of being inspired, if we would only step back and allow it to be so.

In this short yet powerful Ted Talk, Isabel Allende presents a wonderful manifesto for life. With gentle humour she celebrates the benefits of becoming older: freedom; lightness; softness; spirituality. There is no shying away from the realities that can and will befall us all. Rather, Allende sums up a bountiful way of living which we can all adopt, regardless of our age.

She closes with an invitation to join her in a celebration of life – yes please! 🙂

“I intend to live passionately….I don’t have to prove anything any more…I say yes to life.”