“Snow is exhilarating”

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” ~ John Ruskin

I wonder if folk who live in places which are regularly and deeply snowy get bored of it – contempt breeds familiarity and all that?

For me, seeing snow never fails to delight. Yes, it can be a pain to get out and about. But there is nothing to compare with the thrill of seeing any kind of landscape, urban or rural, under a blanket of white. Everything changes: sounds are muffled; the air smells crisp; ordinary objects take on sculptural qualities. I love it!

We’ve had a couple of snowy days here in Edinburgh.


After all that busy-ness, things settled down beautifully.


The city looked gorgeous. Below, you can see the Castle, and Arthur’s Seat.


Hub and I had great fun tramping across the grassy areas of this park, where the snow was still powdery – just like big kids!


And I’ve had even more fun playing around with an app on my iPhone called Adobe Capture, which uses the phone’s camera to create the most marvellous kaleidoscope pictures. Here are just a couple of examples.

From this shot (yes, I know it looks a bit dodgy)…..

….you get this:


From this (it pays to turn the camera this way and that)….


…comes this:


And to finish off, a particularly icy, snow-flaky result from this shot:



Isn’t that just so fabulous? It is utterly addictive! Almost as mesmerising as the weather itself. 🙂

Arthur’s Seat in all its splendour

This stunning short film takes a bird’s-eye look at the glory that is Edinburgh’s very own volcano  – Arthur’s Seat.  At  251m above sea level, it is an iconic part of the city’s landscape, and affords magnificent views.  Hub and I have climbed it a couple of times, once as part of a marvellous light installation during the August festival.  We went up in the dark to view some trained runners wearing special light-enhanced suits making beautiful patterns on the ground below us – totally magical.

Enjoy! 😀

Is this summer….?

We are having another lovely run of warm weather and sunshine here in Edinburgh.  I took this photo yesterday while Hub and I were out for a stroll. Although the blossom is starting to go over on most of the trees, it is wonderful to see the trees filling out with their new leaves – I love all the greens at this time of year.

And in the distance, you can see Arthur’s Seat which is currently be-decked with gorgeous orange gorse flowers.


It is rare to be able to walk out without a jacket in this part of the world, making it seem all the more special when we can.

It is also extremely civilised to be able to sit in this window with the sun pouring in, surrounded by one’s hobbies. This photo was difficult to take and process because of the wide contrast between the sunny exterior and the darker interior, but hopefully you can get an idea of this delightful spot.


I very much hope you are all having an equally nice evening. 😀



Spring Sunshine and Gardens

One of the Royal Botanic Garden's vistas
One of the Royal Botanic Garden’s vistas

Edinburgh has been blessed with the most glorious of weather today.  Clear blue skies, beautiful sunshine and no breeze to take the edge off the warmth of the temperature.  Perfect!

I was lucky to have the time this morning to make the most of this gorgeous day, so I took myself off to Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens.  It is a while since I was last there and oh how glad I was to get there today.

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