Autumn Baking: Nothing Better!

Today I have been doing some impromptu baking. It is ages since I last indulged my love of making cakes and yummy things.

I enjoy cooking proper meals most nights (unless it is Hub’s turn – he is an excellent cook). But there is nothing quite like throwing together a few ingredients which, only a few minutes later, fill the home with warm, comforting, mouth-watering baking smells!

In the picture, you can see on the left Mary Berry’s ‘Bonfire Chocolate Tray Bake’ (yes I know it is a bit early, but hey!), from her book Foolproof Cooking. Like all Mary’s books, this includes some cracking recipes which I can highly recommend.

And on the right is a ‘Whisky Tea Loaf’. So very easy to make, with delicious results. And I can vouch for a slight amendment to the recipe: only one tablespoon of whisky did not seem quite enough to me, so I put in two – YUM!!! 😉

Baking, warts and all…

First off, if ever there was a title that needed its punctuation, it’s the one for this post! If you don’t know what I mean, just contemplate what I might have been be writing about if I had missed out the comma….!!

Anyway, that’s enough grammatical ticklings for one night.  Today my apron has been all a-frenzy in the kitchen in preparation for a visit by my lovely knitting friends tomorrow.  We have not seen each other since before Christmas and I can’t wait to catch up with them.  Unfortunately one of our number can’t make it – it is always so difficult to find a slot when we are all free.  We decided to carry on anyway on this occasion and will look forward very much to being all together hopefully very soon.

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