The Destiny of the Self (or Well Done Rach!)

My sister, Rachel Brown MA
My sister, Rachel Brown MA

Last Tuesday, my family focused not on international affairs, but on the celebration of my sister’s impressive achievement – gaining an MA in Producing Film and Television at Bournemouth Unviersity.

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Life’s a Journey


I am a big fan of the wonderful Brené Brown – she is a research professor leading on ‘vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame’, as it states on her website.  But to write these words in this way is to do her a disservice.  It makes her work seem dry and dull, even though I am a fully paid-up subscriber to the importance of examining these issues.

The reality is quite the opposite.  One of her mantras is ‘the magic is in the mess’.  We are encouraged to stop trying to be perfect and just be ourselves – indeed to find ourselves in the first place.  And then to be brave in the face of failure because it is this process which makes us stronger.  Wow!

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