Reading Jamaica Inn for Daphne du Maurier Reading Week

Once again this year, Ali is hosting her Daphne du Maurier Reading Week – a fabulous opportunity for DDM fans to re-read beloved favourites, and for DDM newbies like me, to discover more of her writing.

My first DDM novel was Rebecca, which was my choice for last year’s reading week and I absolutely loved it. This year I picked Jamaica Inn. Continue reading

Reading Rebecca for Daphne Du Maurier Reading Week

I wrote in my last post about HeavenAli’s #DDMreadingweek project and my status as a DDM newbie. I started reading Rebecca and was hooked from the very first, very famous line: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”….

Little did I know that I was in for a transformative experience. It is a very long time since I picked up a book which I could hardly put down again. Oh what a joy it was to be totally engulfed by this utterly compelling story and DdM’s brilliant story-telling. The tension; the characters; the scene-setting – I was on the edge of my seat right through to the last word.

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