The Destiny of the Self (or Well Done Rach!)

My sister, Rachel Brown MA

My sister, Rachel Brown MA

Last Tuesday, my family focused not on international affairs, but on the celebration of my sister’s impressive achievement – gaining an MA in Producing Film and Television at Bournemouth Unviersity.

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Pure Joy

There really are no limits to what we can do if we apply love, focus, determination and creativity.

Check out this marvellous clip of a father who has fashioned a harness for his paralysed son so that he can enjoy outdoor activities. ย I adore the look of joy and happiness on the son’s face:

And how about this fabulous all-ability cheerleading troop?


This little girl has a marvellous future ahead of her…


Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt