My January Minimalism Challenge

Over the years, Hub and I have got very good at doing ‘life laundry’ – filleting out stuff we no longer need or want to give us both head space and actual space.

It is not surprising then that I very much enjoyed listening to a reading of The Minimalists’ book of essays before Christmas.  This is a collection of thoughts from Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus on ways to live a more intentional life.

One idea I thought it would be fun to have a go at is their Minimalism Game.  On the first of the month, you pick one item to get rid of; on the second, two items etc.

Now, I did not have a mass of things just lying around to be swept up – my last clear-out was just before the holidays, when I donated a load of stuff (books, clothes, DVDs, shoes etc) to the British Heart Foundation…


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The Joy of Giving Part II

Reflecting on my last post about giving, I realised that one of the particular reasons why this type of activity brings so much pleasure is because you don’t know specifically who will benefit.  Of course it is nice to give gifts to people you know.  But there is something about the unconditional nature of giving to strangers which enhances the action.

I continued this anonymised giving streak this week, following a mega sort out of my yarn stash.  I had finally come round to accepting that I would never knit my way through my entire yarn collection, so it was better to pass things on to people who could make use of it.


Here in Edinburgh we have a marvellous charity called The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society, which supports individuals in need through the sale of their own handiwork.  It has been in operation, in one form or another, for over 200 years.  You can read more about the Society and its history here.

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