Julie’s Blanket: a crochet adventure

It’s been many months since I last wrote about any knitting or crochet projects. This is not through idleness, however. On the contrary, I have been beavering away on a most enjoyable commission project, thanks to my dear friend Julie.

Last May, Julie was giving me a lift to London’s Gatwick airport and we chatted about her wish to have a crochet cover for her king size bed. No problem, I said gaily, relishing the chance to have a go at a bespoke creation. I don’t think I had fully engaged my brain on the enormity of the challenge. But I have enjoyed so much the whole process – from conception to happy customer.

Initially, having established a few likes and dislikes on Julie’s part, plus palette options, we homed in on a kind of ’tiled’ approach and I set about designing the key components.


Most of the colours survived from this test palette. The beige in particular didn’t make the cut. The yarns are a variety of DK weights from the Stylecraft range.

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Snooker Loopy? Oh yes….

As a common ‘ice-breaker’ at the start of management training courses, participants are asked to reveal something about themselves to the group that would not be immediately obvious. It is a while since I have had to undergo such rigours, but my most common answer was that I was a mega Star-Trek fan. This usually prompted discussion about which series was the best (Voyager, obviously, followed closely by Next Generation).

If I was feeling particularly chirpy and strong, however, I would offer up another guilty secret – I am a huge armchair snooker fan. Now, I realise that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. My step-father, for example, has been known to refer to it as ‘International Watching Paint Dry’ lol!

One of the reasons I am such a fan is because it is the perfect TV viewing to accompany any knitting or crochet activity. I can sit happily needling or hooking away, listing to the dulcet tones of the commentators, and looking up as and when something interesting appears to be happening. It is particularly pleasing, therefore, when the World Snooker Championships come round each Spring. With just over two whole weeks of intensive snooker action, it’s great for making progress with projects and this year is no exception.

In recent times, most of my crafting time has been devoted to my ‘spring blossom throw’, which I love. This is the latest position – a nice spurt of growth since the last post when this was mentioned:


So I thought it was about time I gave some crochet love to my ‘Mystical Lanterns’ project. I first introduced this to the blog a little while ago. It’s been great to really start moving forward with this one. As I said previously, I love the method of selecting colours (in essence, picking the next ball of yarn at random, regardless of the consequences). Overall, this is generating some fabulous colour combinations. But I must confess to the odd ‘fix’ every now and again. Here’s an example.

This motif just needed its final row – you can see the two colour choices I had available:

Either colour would have finished off the motif very nicely. But I felt like being a bit more jazzy. So I briefly rebelled against the colour-picking-system (oh, the naughtiness!) and…

went for the gold! Aren’t I just the little devil.

As you can see, I have nearly finished 4 sets of motifs, which I already adore. Only another 11 sets to go. I hope you agree, it’s going to be gorgeous!!


And since I am in such a jolly mood, let me finish with this – an oldie but goodie!! 🙂