A Journey of a Thousand Miles…..

“There’s no destination. The journey is all that there is, and it can be very, very joyful.”

Srikumar Rao

You may have seen from my last few posts that Hub and I were away during September on a magnificent tour of the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides. Now that we are back, we have started to reflect on our experience. I think it will take a while completely to sink in. We have never been away from home for such a long time. Nor have we previously stayed at length in very remote places which are such a contrast to living in a city.

The starting point has been an initial review of our photographs. We took over 3,000 between us, so there is a great deal of material to absorb and process. But what a great way to refresh our memories about all the various places we visited and our experiences.

This map gives a sense of the initial part of our journey, from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye (click to enlarge):

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A Scottish Journey II

At the end of my post yesterday, I left you with a view of the bridge connecting the Scottish mainland with the Isle of Skye, the largest and most northerly island in the Inner Hebrides.

Hub and I were on Skye for less than 24 hours.  It is one of our most favourite places, so even such a short visit was welcome.

We were able to fit in a short visit to the village of Kyleakin – this is the first settlement to be found on arrival over the bridge on the east coast of the island.  It is a lovely spot, although once again the weather was not too kind to us.  So I don’t have very many photos.  But here are views of the bridge from the other side of the water (Kyle Akin), and the broader bay, looking back across to the northwest Scottish mainland town of Kyle of Lochalsh.

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