You Never Know – Until You Do: the story of our very first date…

Tonight marks the 25th anniversary of my very first date with Hub. A misunderstanding about the meeting up arrangements on the night meant that we almost did not get together. Thank goodness, though, it was all ok in the end, and here we are…

We had agreed that we would meet at a particular London pub after work at 18:30. I arrived in plenty of time, settled myself at the bar with a drink and the evening paper, looking forward to Hub’s arrival. I already knew that he was the consummate gentlemen, and expected him to be spot on time. I was slightly surprised, then, when 18:45 came and went, then 19:00, tick tock, tick tock.

I was full of mixed feelings. He did not seem like the kind of person to stand someone up. Of course, this was long before mobile phones, so there was no way for him to let me know he had been held up. Or had he? Perhaps a work commitment had prevented him from leaving the office on time. Perhaps he had had an accident. Perhaps, after all, he had changed his mind.

In the end, I could no longer stand the withering and pitying looks I was getting from others in the pub. I decided that the only thing to do was to call it a night, head home, and possibly find out the next morning what had happened. I threaded my way along the street towards my bus stop, weaving in and out of all the commuters heading in the opposite direction for their stops. All of a sudden, by some miracle, amidst those hundreds of people, I spotted Hub coming towards me. What were the chances?! We clasped hands in amazement.

So what had happened? Had he been held up? No. It had not occurred to my lovely man that I would wait for him inside the pub. He had gallantly waited outside for me, wondering where on earth I could be – exactly as I was doing only a few yards away. Like me, after a while, Hub headed off home. Luckily, though, and I like to think with the help of some fateful hand, he thought better of it and decided to return to the pub for a consolation drink. It was in that moment that he bumped into me.

Of course we quickly established what had happened. It was a joyous meeting. We took ourselves off to a different pub (I could not face going back into the one where I had been waiting!), then had a lovely meal. Hub proposed just a few weeks after that first date and here we are all these years later. We celebrated with a meal at one of our favourite Edinburgh restaurants, Bia Bistro. As usual, the food was exceptional; the service faultless.


It will be our silver wedding anniversary next year. But let me start the celebrations now by saying to Hub how very much I love him. I could not have wanted for a happier, more love-filled life and I look forward to many more years together. ❤

Hub and me in St James’ Park, London circa 1994


As we are now…

A Brace of Paper Aviarys

Birds are among my very favourite things in life.  I love to watch them going about their business, totally focused on what they need to do.  I adore hearing their various songs, picking out specific species from the throng.

Birds are a classic model for mindfulness.  One of my favourite lines by Eckhart Tolle is:

“look how the bird doesn’t think….should I jump from this branch to the next?…the bird just jumps..”

Being around birds is good for the soul.  They don’t even have to be real.  I would love to check out the Paper Aviary installation at London’s St James’s Market.  Over 100 paper birds?  Yes please!

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