Snooker Loopy? Oh yes….

As a common ‘ice-breaker’ at the start of management training courses, participants are asked to reveal something about themselves to the group that would not be immediately obvious. It is a while since I have had to undergo such rigours, but my most common answer was that I was a mega Star-Trek fan. This usually prompted discussion about which series was the best (Voyager, obviously, followed closely by Next Generation).

If I was feeling particularly chirpy and strong, however, I would offer up another guilty secret – I am a huge armchair snooker fan. Now, I realise that this is not everyone’s cup of tea. My step-father, for example, has been known to refer to it as ‘International Watching Paint Dry’ lol!

One of the reasons I am such a fan is because it is the perfect TV viewing to accompany any knitting or crochet activity. I can sit happily needling or hooking away, listing to the dulcet tones of the commentators, and looking up as and when something interesting appears to be happening. It is particularly pleasing, therefore, when the World Snooker Championships come round each Spring. With just over two whole weeks of intensive snooker action, it’s great for making progress with projects and this year is no exception.

In recent times, most of my crafting time has been devoted to my ‘spring blossom throw’, which I love. This is the latest position – a nice spurt of growth since the last post when this was mentioned:


So I thought it was about time I gave some crochet love to my ‘Mystical Lanterns’ project. I first introduced this to the blog a little while ago. It’s been great to really start moving forward with this one. As I said previously, I love the method of selecting colours (in essence, picking the next ball of yarn at random, regardless of the consequences). Overall, this is generating some fabulous colour combinations. But I must confess to the odd ‘fix’ every now and again. Here’s an example.

This motif just needed its final row – you can see the two colour choices I had available:

Either colour would have finished off the motif very nicely. But I felt like being a bit more jazzy. So I briefly rebelled against the colour-picking-system (oh, the naughtiness!) and…

went for the gold! Aren’t I just the little devil.

As you can see, I have nearly finished 4 sets of motifs, which I already adore. Only another 11 sets to go. I hope you agree, it’s going to be gorgeous!!


And since I am in such a jolly mood, let me finish with this – an oldie but goodie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

On the hook: oodles of delicious colour

I wrote last week about my recent knitting adventures. I thought I would follow up this week with a reflection on my current crochet endeavours.

I am much less experienced with crochet than I am with knitting. This is not necessarily due to lack of time – I produced this blanket when just a young girl. Neither my Mum (proud owner of said blanket) nor I can quite remember exactly when, but we think I was 10/11ish. Since then, I have done minimal crochet, compared with all my knitting, and it has all been pretty basic. Nothing wrong with that, but I feel the time has now come to expand my crochet horizons.



I have been thinking a lot recently about the joy of colour. It is amazing how different something can look simply by virtue of a change in colour scheme. I love the way in which the ‘spirit’ of a crafted piece emerges as you gradually work on it. You can hold various yarns in your hands and imagine what they might look like when woven together. But there are always surprises when you actually get started.

So here is my latest crochet project:


It is ‘Joana’s Mandala’ by Lilla Bjรถrn Crochet. Below is the colourway on the pattern – see what I mean about the colour difference? As you can see, I am about half way through.



And I could not resist a couple of other yarny treats, which arrived today. I received this gorgeous pack of yarn to make up Janie Crow’s Mystical Lanterns blanket. I adore those colours!


I also threw in to the order these other crochet blanket patterns, which look glorious.


I can’t wait to get stuck in with all of this. But I am being good and making sure I finish that mandala first. Promise….! ๐Ÿ˜‰