Another Podcast Adventure

I really enjoyed my first podcast experience with Becky recently and so was delighted when she suggested that we record another episode.

In this one, we muse on what it means to be ‘excellent’.  Such fun – I hope you enjoy listening if you have a spare 15 minutes or so.  And let me also recommend the other episodes that Becky has recorded with family and friends.  They packed full of joy, humour and wisdom and are a wonderful listen.  You can find more about all the episodes on the Tea, Toast & Trivia website, and on all major podcast platforms. 🙂



Podcasting across the ocean: when I joined the Tea, Toast and Trivia Conversation

I was delighted when Becky (aka Clanmother ) asked me to join her for a podcast conversation about an excellent book we both love:  How To Age Joyfully, by Maggy Pigott.  We had such fun, as can be heard from all the laughter throughout the podcast.  Why not take a listen and laugh along with us! 🙂


Episode 29: Edinburgh to Vancouver with Liz