The Rations Challenge: Forty Days of Feasting in a Wartime Kitchen by Claud Fullwood

I’m not exactly sure what drew me to Claud Fullwood’s forthcoming book The Rations Challenge.  Perhaps it was my general and ongoing interest in how to make even a small contribution to addressing climate change.  Little did I know that this would turn out to be the perfect read for completely different reasons.

As the blurb for this book explains:

“Food is always a hot topic – Food waste, food banks, food miles, local versus imported. As we all need food, we can’t ignore it.  But as some families struggle without enough food to live on, others are challenged to consider how much they throw away, or how to make the food they have go further. Which is why Claud Fullwood set herself the challenge of living on World War Two rations for Lent. It opened her eyes not only to issues of hunger and waste, but also to the many ways in which we have the power to fix our groaning food system, make our families stronger and our communities whole again.  The Rations Challenge takes the wisdom of World War Two and looks at how it can help us revolutionise how we live now. By learning the lessons our parents and grandparents lived by in the ’30s and ’40s, we can build a future that works for everyone.”

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Six Degrees of Separation: From Stasiland to The Mirror and the Light

Which day is it?  At the moment it seems very hard to keep track of the passing time.  One thing is for sure: if it is the first Saturday of the month, then it is time for Six Degrees of Separation, hosted by Kate over at BooksAreMyFavouriteAndBest.

This month we are starting with Stasiland by Anna Funder, a fascinating-sounding collection of stories about life for people in the former East Germany.  I have particularly been encouraged to add this to my To Be Read pile after listening to a recent episode of one of my most favourite podcasts, the BBC’s A Good Read, in which comedian Angela Barnes picked Stasiland as her book choice. Continue reading