Autumn Reading Review Part I

I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.

~ Margaret Atwood

Since my last reading review post, I have worked my way through a further 12 books in hard copy, on Kindle and in audio format.

I thought it might be kindest to you, dear reader, if I spilt up this latest summary of reviews into two posts, so that I can avoid any fear of you passing out with fatigue while trying to work your way through comments on all these tomes in one go.

So here, for your delectation, are my thoughts on the first six….

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January’s Reading Round UP

I can’t believe it is the start of Februay already.  January seems to have whizzed by.

So here I am, already into month two of my year of challenges and trying new things.  One such area is reading.  You can see more about the two reading challenges I have set myself here, and here.

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