Six Degrees of Separation: from A Gentleman In Moscow to From Russia With Love

It’s the beginning of another month, and so another opportunity to participate in my favourite meme – six degrees of separation hosted by Kate.  We all start off from the same bookish point, add six more books and see where we end up.  It’s always such fun to put a list together and to see what everyone else comes up with.


This month we start with A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towels.  I have not yet read this, but have an e-library copy on my online library bookshelf just waiting to be opened.



Meanwhile, thinking about men in Moscow reminds me of Gorky Park by Martin Kruz Smith.  This is a faced-paced thriller which I read years ago and remember being excellent.  It would be interesting to re-read it some time to see how well a book set in 1980s Russia holds up today.


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Six Degrees of Separation: from How To Be Both to Fish Have No Feet

Arriving at the first Saturday in April provides another opportunity to participate in the Six Degrees of Separation meme, hosted by Kate over at BooksAreMyFavouriteAndBest.

This month we start with Ali Smith’s How To Be Both.  I have not yet read this book but I know that its format is unusual with two versions of the same story and the reader can choose where to begin. Another book that has different starting points is Carol Shields’ Happenstance. This is a single story about a marriage which is split into two parts, each told from the husband’s and wife’s perspective.

My lovely husband bought this book for me when it was originally published in 1994. Somewhere over the years, with house moves and much sorting of shelves, I sadly managed to loose his copy. So I recently spent time hunting down a good copy of that original edition and am pleased to have it back in my collection.

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