The Joy of Giving Part II

Reflecting on my last post about giving, I realised that one of the particular reasons why this type of activity brings so much pleasure is because you don’t know specifically who will benefit.  Of course it is nice to give gifts to people you know.  But there is something about the unconditional nature of giving to strangers which enhances the action.

I continued this anonymised giving streak this week, following a mega sort out of my yarn stash.  I had finally come round to accepting that I would never knit my way through my entire yarn collection, so it was better to pass things on to people who could make use of it.


Here in Edinburgh we have a marvellous charity called The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society, which supports individuals in need through the sale of their own handiwork.  It has been in operation, in one form or another, for over 200 years.  You can read more about the Society and its history here.

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Enjoying going backwards…..

You might remember from a couple of posts a little while ago (see here and here), that I hardly have ANY yarn to knit with at home…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am trying very hard to knit only from my stash at the moment – after all, the reality is that I have such lovely choices.

Even so, there are times when it becomes impossible to resist new yarn.  I just had to have this ‘Bollywood’ sock yarn from The Knitting Goddess.  It arrived beautifully wrapped – anything which turns up in purple packaging is a bonus for me.

How beautiful this is – almost too nice to open up and knit with…..

I am so glad I nipped in smartly with my order – I see from the website today that this colour way is sold out.  There are plenty of other delicious options – I am currently desperately resisting buying more skeins, but I fear my resolve may not last….

I know this is all going against my stash-reduction goals for this year, but hey – it is such enjoyable failure!! 🙂

Yarn Mountain II

Eeeeek!  I decided to do some more towards Le Grand Projet today.  See this post for background if you wish.

You may recall that I thought I had four more boxes to look through.  Well, that was indeed true.  But I had forgotten about the two big bags full of smaller bags of yarn (hides behind fingers).

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Yarn Mountain

OMG.  No, really.  I have had an official OMG moment this afternoon.  I decided to embark on Le Grand Projet, aka sorting out my yarn, so that I could properly catalogue it for my efficient and tidy new Knitter’s Notebook (see my previous post on this here).

I have all my yarn stored in handy boxes like this one:


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