Jigging About in Lockdown

If you were hoping for a lively post about home-based boogie, you will be sadly disappointed and I recommend you look away now.

But if, like us, you have re-discovered some gentler pursuits during lockdown, grab a cuppa and snuggle down (click any picture to enlarge).

Hub and I both used to enjoy doing jigsaws as children.  Hub once tackled a 5,000 piece affair, juggling several boards of pieces which had to be gently eased from under the bed to be worked on. I tended to go for smaller puzzles and have fond memories of one in particular – it was a circular and very beautiful picture of the signs of the zodiac.  Because it was round, the individual pieces were satisfyingly odd.  I also remember one that was a picture of Scottish mountains.  Little did I know then that I would now be living (relatively) near by! Continue reading