Continuing on my paper trail


Paper Artist Peter Dahmen

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”

~ William Wordsworth

You might have noticed from my recent posts that I seem to have become slightly obsessed with all things paper.

It is partly a symptom of the way in which information comes to us these days.  Anything viewed online links seamlessly to other related material.  This is both useful and scary.

It has, however, presented me with yet another form of paper creativity – the magic of pop-up art.

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Friday Quote

Another poem for this week’s Friday Quote, inspired by the fact that yesterday was the 246th anniversary of the birth of British poet William Wordsworth.

In honour of the occasion, I thought it only fitting to include a picture of daffodils – I do so love this time of year when you find waves of yellow bobbing heads at the turn of every corner. And the poem to go with the picture? Well everyone knows about Wordsworth wandering around lonely as a cloud, so I decided it might be nice to pick something different for a change. Enjoy, and have a blooming weekend! 😀🌸🌺


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